Reexamination Of Lack A Mear By Mk Asante

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Reexamination of Killadelphia through an allegory lense Introduction : “The fall in Killadelphia. Outside is the color of corn bread and blood” (Asante pg3).Corn bread the color of yellow and blood the color of red. These two colors are what your typical green leaves turn once they have lost their chloroplast. The purpose of this essay is to examine BUCK a MEMOIR by MK Asante and his use of Allegories to help give the reader a visual on what it like to be a young Buck. While reading this book there are many things that are typically seen to be “good” that is often colored with a paintbrush and dipped in pain. The author Asante does his best to tell his memoir in away to reach out to the younger generation. Asante talks about remaining…show more content…
I feel something I’ve never felt before: purpose. (pg202) Malo was kicked out of many different schools from Friends to Fels but it was Crefelder where Malo found his new path that would change his life for the better. His words at first felt trapped just like he did for so many years. “trapping my words like water under an ice block”( pg202) I feel like he so much to say so many experiences he wants to write but he doesn’t know where to start. His first word he wrote down was BUCK. BUCK: a fashionable and typically hell-raising young man. After writing the definition of a word that has explained who Malo felt he was he was able to allow the first wall of writers block to fall. He started to write after the usual school hours “Yup he’s still in there, writing. Been in there for hours.” Said Frank the janitor. Malo was able to take his painful experiences and turn it into a blessing that will later save him. “Writing is just like the streets: don’t hide anything at the beginning, don’t reveal anything until the last possible moment.”(pg 231) Malo perfected his life on the streets and applied the same hustle thought ganger member “drive” to the good side of him turning his whole life

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