Recruitment, Retention and Attrition: Why Our Nation’s Teachers are Leaving

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In schools across the country there is a growing student population and a shrinking teacher population. In low-income areas around the United States there are some teacher who are not qualified to teach, yet do so anyway. Students in some areas are not receiving the proper education that they deserve. In response the United States government has taken certain actions but they are not enough. My main reason for wanting to become a teacher is because I think children deserve a thorough education and I want to give it to them. This research will explore what the issue is, teacher recruitment, retention and attrition.
This research includes where the need for more qualified teachers are in the United States. This research will point out which areas need teachers the most and which need them the least. Another topic that is to brought to light is what the government is attempting to do to fix the problem, and if it has had any effect. What were also researched were current methods used to recruit teachers along with retention methods as well. Lastly, what is focused on is teacher attrition. This research will show why teachers choose to leave a school or the profession altogether. It is hypothesized that teacher recruitment, retention and attrition are all affected by salary.


Every couple of years, the Department of Education produces a list of teacher shortage areas in every state for the next four years. Every state needs teachers every year. However, certain areas need them more than others. States such as Arizona and New York have their lists divided in geographic areas because these states have a higher need for teachers. High poverty inner city schools and rural schools suffer becau...

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