Reasons Why People Drink And Drive

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Every minute many people lose their lives in the world. A large amount of those deaths are caused by things that can be completely avoided like driving under the influence. Driving drunk is very dangerous and something that is inevitable to cause bad things and drinking is totally futile. Drunk drivers are devious when they drive and create a lot of pandemonium on the road. How many people will have to get injured or even die before we realize how dangerous drunk driving is? There are many reasons to why people drink and drive. Many people drink under peer pressure, especially teens. Teens usually drink at parties because they think it’s cool to drink, mainly if all of their friends are drinking or sometimes feel left out, if they don’t drink. There are always special occasions like parties, weddings, or big moments in life where people take a drink or two, but you still have to get home, so they basically take a huge risk and drive home. Many others drink because of depression or personal issues and just want to feel good and don’t really know what to do in life. There are those repeat offenders that keep on driving drunk because they feel like they are experienced drunk drivers. There is no such thing as experienced drunk drivers because on the road, you always meet new people and there can be any type of situation on the road. Also when you drink, you have don’t have good judgement of things and you think you can do anything. When anyone drives under the influence, they are putting their life and the lives of others in jeopardy. On the road, you need to be focused, but that’s not possible. When you drink, your reaction time becomes very slow and reacting to situations takes much longer and is very slow. Drunk drivers can’t mak... ... middle of paper ... ...hould read these stories about victims of a drunk driving accident and then should think twice before drinking and driving. No one could understand the pain of losing a loved one until it would happen to someone. Drinking and driving is bad in any way anyone can look at it because it always does something negative. There is no positive that comes out of driving drunk and you 're always going to put your life at risk when you take this type of action. Alcohol itself is bad for people in to ingest, so it’s not something smart to drink and then drive. There can be many lives saved if people stop drinking and driving and all these problems that it can create. Why would anybody want to make their own family suffer and someone else’s family suffer if they didn’t do anything wrong? Drunk driving is a situation that affects everyone whether they 're the one doing it or not.

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