Reality Television: The Development Of Reality TV In China

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This paper believes that Reality TV is a comprehensive television programme format, which regroups past successful programme elements, including documentary, game show, soap opera, etc. Reality TV format has not only recording feature of documentary but also narrative structure and dramatic elements of drama and entertainment and interactivity of game show. The paper introduced the definition, origin and generations of reality TV of reality TV and summarised the development of reality TV in China. From 2000 to today, from the first Chinese reality TV show Shengcun da tiaozhan (the Great Survival Challenge) reality TV has experienced 15 years in China. Before 2000, reality TV was a complete stranger format for Chinese audience. Nowadays, reality…show more content…
In the term of protecting children, Chinese programme makers and parents have no this aware, after the programme, children are seen more frequently in many television programmes and movies. The influences of exposure on children’s growth are uncertainty and unpredictable. From the one case study and comparison analysis and combine with other programmes , the paper answered the questions raised in the beginning of the paper. Why do these satellite television stations become rushing to buy Korea 's reality TV from at first learning from the western countries? What are the strength of Korean reality TV programmes? What is the enlightenment for the development of other Chinese reality TV programmes in the future? In the process of development of Chinese reality TV, blind buying overseas successful reality TV programmes without investigation and exploration can not produce excellent programmes, and blind importing will bring the similar programmes and machine-made content of the programme. Localisation transformation is a good way for overseas programmes, but importing overseas copyright is just a delaying tactic, only independent design and innovation are permanent solutions. Only by Self-developing programmes so can we assure that Chinese reality TV show will have a bright future and develop more and

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