Real Cost Of Fast Food: The Real Cost Of Fast Food

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The Real Cost of Fast Food

The door swings open easily, the smell of grease and fries pours out of the door enveloping you in a heavenly cloud. Its loud inside, but there's something comforting about it, it sounds like family, friends. You give a quick look around before you step into the short line, the tiles are an off white, something you've grown familiar to. You wait patiently for the small line to trickle away until it's your turn. It goes fast, you've always liked that about a restaurant. Soon you are in the front standing directly in front of the register ordering your usual proudly. You chat casually with the worker as you fork over your money. She slides you a plastic square, almost see through so you see all the wires.
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You don't think about it until you're hungry and want a quick bite to eat, and the only restaurant that comes to mind is mcdonalds. We are constantly being taken advantage of and we just let it happen. Companies pay million of dollars to have their products in movies. That red bull casually placed on the desk in your favorite move wasn't an accident. We shame the movies that include cigarette brands, but say nothing when these unhealthy eating habits are being thrust upon all of us? You don't think about it when it's happening and can't remember after the fact, but it's always happening. American children see 253 mcdonald's adds annually and that's just one company. By taking control of our youth they are taking control of us. No matter how much we dislike to admit it our youth are making most of our decisions, some seem just like small like decisions for example where to eat. Your money is your vote, so whoever you decide to give money to, whether food or its everyday items, you are giving them your support. Media is constantly influencing us and the fast food companies are taking advantage. When you're scrolling down instagram or snapchat and ad pops up, it's simple and quick, but it's still their. In other words fast food companies take advantage for our need for convenience. We…show more content…
A big change to bring it into the 21st century is much needed. In this time period the needs have to be met, so let's force our needs onto these companies, we need better pay and treatment for the employers and workers, we need kids to be able to have their own opinions and not taken advantage of, and we need for us the consumers to be heard and treated with the respect we deserve because without us their wouldn't be a them. Imagine a future where you walk in that door and our greeted with tons of smiling faces who are their because they want to be not just because they have to be, you know your food was made by some who was paid fairly for it, and the food is actually healthy and still has the same delicious taste. A future where kids are healthy and happy, not suffering from health diseases and risks.The future is coming whether or not you like it, it's time for the fast food companies to hop onto this idea or fade into
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