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When students attempt to read new material, whether it is a narrative or textbook related, it is a good idea for them to ask themselves to think about the content of this material. They need to devise a way to take a picture by walking through the text; look at headings and chapter titles, and make predictions about various events or words highlighted. Good readers are active in their reading. They ask questions about new words and concepts, make comparisons, and draw on their prior knowledge to assist them in comprehension. (Duke and Pearson, 2002) Developing good reading comprehension is more than just thinking about how to comprehend. Students must also be taught specific skills that are essential to good comprehension.
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Word recognition involves includes that of blending, applying sight words and Syntactic cues and sit under the umbrella of phonological awareness and reading fluency. Reading comprehension is the process of understanding what is been read and sits under the umbrella of reading vocabulary and reading for enjoyment (pg 10). These components will allow students to recognize words quickly and effortless and with enjoyment. Of all the skills children learn in school, reading is the most important but unfortunately children are sometimes faced with barriers that if not dealt with properly will prevent them from overcoming reading difficulties. Jennings, Caldwell and Lerner (2009) stated that Reading difficulties can be a problem of emotional, neurological, cognitive, and can even be associated with intelligence and intellectual factors. They went on to say that the environment which includes the home, school, social and cultural environment can also influence reading. They pointed out neurological is how the brain performs during reading and cognitive is the mental actions. Any deficit in these areas could interfere with how students interpret information that is presented to them (pg 23-24). Since reading is a vital skill to success, it is important that children who are faced with reading difficulties get evaluated early and given …show more content…

The use of bottom-up and top-down processing is context-dependent. In some cases, individual words need attention (bottom-up) whereas in other cases, the entire context requires focus (top-down). Bottom – up uses pieces and breaks words down individually to comprehend word meaning before combining the entire piece being read. This sometimes will cause comprehension breakdown because contextual awareness is used.
Top – down approach is more common in classrooms but is not necessarily the most effective approach for reading comprehension. The reader uses the overall theme or purpose to garner comprehension. This is sometimes not effective because individual learner variables (race, culture, native language, etc.) cannot place the text into context without individual word knowledge.
These two approaches combined will be effective in a reading classroom, but may not be effective in a regular educational setting. The approaches put limits on teachers trying to achieve curriculum standards and guidelines. The time factor of implementing these two approaches would be demanding for a regular classroom

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