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Fear. Fear is an emotion that is felt when you are threatened or in pain. The response is always what is most interesting. When someone is scared or experiences fear, they don’t think before they act because they want to escape the fear. With this, when you see a clown any reaction for people scared of them, they run. Many people run because that is their first reaction to anything when they are scared, others face their fears. Thinking before acting is a big issue when it comes to being scared. According to Acting Without Thinking, “Your actions should be dictated by your rational mind, not by your irrational impulses.” ( We being humans and the way our brain works, especially teenagers, we go with wrong decisions…show more content…
When Lizzy's mom experienced the homeless or group of men coming towards us that were dressed in not very nice clothes, her mechanism was to run because again that’s the first reaction to fear. Transformation makes it seem like homeless and any “gang” is bad news and shouldn’t be dealt with. That goes for anything that is not meant to be scary but really makes it scary. All people handle fear differently and some people are ok with being scared because they know that it is not meant to be like that but again reality sets in and people realize what it really is. I know people and even myself that have experienced that fright or flight situation and I am going to say most people choose flight because it’s an instinct. Humans and animals are the same when it comes to being scared. When an animal like a dog or horse get scared, they run and hide that there instinct because that is what the brain tells them what to do. We always think “why are they are getting scared, it’s just water” when we act the same way to clowns because that’s our instinct, that's what our brain tells us to

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