Raymond Carver Cathedral Essay

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Cathedral “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver is a story of man who experiences the gift of insight in an unexpected manner. The narrator is first introduced to the reader as an insensitive and ignorant man, however, after analysing his relationship with his wife and witnessing how he connects with the blind man, our empathy for him is touched. The narrator is not as insensitive as he perceives. He only acts insensitive to cover up how damaged he really is. He is unable to relax because of the company of his manipulative wife. The narrator’s wife acts as the antagonist in the story given how she tries to control the narrator and how she is unable to understand her husband. The narrator’s wife has a very controlling personality, which causes the …show more content…

This is affecting the narrator greatly and is causing him to feel more depressed and lonely. A factor that can be responsible for this is how unaware the narrator’s wife is to her husband’s sufferings. For example, the narrator shows that he was not comfortable with “this blind man”, Robert, coming into his home and sleeping over. The narrator saw Robert as a threat since before the narrator and his wife got married, the wife worked for Robert and when she quit, her and Robert shared an intimate moment. The idea of Robert sleeping in the narrators home made the narrator a bit uneasy. Yet, the narrator did not say anything to the wife about how he feels about Robert’s visit. Then, again, if the narrator did, his wife might of just started yelling at him. This shows the lack of communication skills the narrator and his wife have. In addition, the narrator often would tell a few jokes to his wife; mainly about Robert’s arrival. The narrator’s wife did not laugh at any of them. Humour is used in order to release tension. The narrator is very tense, especially since a stranger is about to sleep in his home and also since his wife is very dominant. This is why the narrator makes many childish jokes. Yet, the wife does not respond to his humour with humour; instead, she just yells at him. This shows how the narrator and his wife do not understand each other. The fact that the narrators wife is always upset with the narrator and always puts him down affects the narrator mentally. When the narrator says, “I knew she didn’t like what she saw” (Carver, 126), the narrator is telling us that he is aware that his marriage is failing and he knows his wife doesn’t love him anymore. The narrator states that him and his wife would never even go to bed at the same time; this displays how they would never have sex or any intimate relations, which is an important part to a healthy

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