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Antonio slid in on the sleek black leather interior of his new two-thousand and eleven CTS-V-Coupe. He put on his sunshades and started the engine.

“Awesome,” he said aloud. He was driving the New Mexico scenery in style.

As an anthropologist, a SUV had always been an essential. Keeping the SUV he was unable to resist the temptation. “Motortrend” called it “Cad-thriller”, “The most desirable Caddy in decades.” This was his first sports car. In fact, he had not had a car since he left Miami fifteen years ago. He waved to the salesman.

“See you, Dr. Dominguez,” the salesman called out.

He was taking his Raven Black Beauty out on the open road to see what she could do. He and Raven were heading out of Santa Fe down the Rio Grande to Hidden Mountain. He was hoping to manage an excavation there someday. The idea remaining in the back of his mind. Planning to investigate it when he was ready to stay home reducing his trips overseas.

Hidden Mountain was a magnet pulling him as if he were steel.

On his first visit to the university, he ended up at Hidden Mountain. It was home to an ancient inactive volcano. Scattered throughout the site was proof of some sort ancient Hebrew occupation. On the way up the summit, a large Decalogue stone sets with a Paleo-Hebrew inscription of the Ten Commandments’ Exodus twenty Version. The stone was the subject of considerable controversy over the years, but now it meets with acceptance as dating from around the range of one-thousand BC. This would coincide with the reigns of King David and King Solomon during the only time Israel and Judea were one United Kingdom of Israel.

Another stone depicts a solar eclipse. On the east side, going up towards the summit a bearded man, praying, it was bea...

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...d think he was able to climb out if the rock did not crumble in on him.

His head still bleeding using his belt putting it around his head to keep the compress in place as he climbed out. Once the cloth was in place, he shined the flashlight back. He shook his head, “Dumbass, she is not here.” He put his pack on, hoisted himself up a level to a small ledge. He was down about fifteen feet he saw a larger ledge within his reach. Gripping he used his feet to climb his body up. Swinging his legs around he was struggling to reach th top of the ledge. Throwing his rope anchoring from there so he could climb out.

One last time he shined the light into the cavern hole. He felt he was leaving the woman behind. Damn, he must have brain damage. He gripped the rope and climbed out. Securing the hole with surrounding rocks he needed to get out of there before he saw anyone.
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