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My current goal is to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree of Science with a concentration in psychology. This will translate to my plan to attend graduate school to develop the credentials necessary to fulfill my dream. My long term objective is to design a treatment plan that will integrate many therapeutic and counseling services provided in a patient-centered medical home model with the goal of offering holistic and family services that assist persons suffering with traumatic brain injury (TBI) or acquired brain injury (ABI). This population is particularly vulnerable to a number of mental illnesses and obstacles that often stunt or negate recovery from such tragedies. TBI/ABI has shown a proven link with “anxiety, depression, personality changes, aggression (National Alliance on Mental Illness Veterans Resource Center May 8, 2009 Traumatic Brain Injury)”, as well as many other issues. I have a personal perspective that I feel brings much to the discussion. Much of my time is spent as a caregiver for my disabled husband who suffered a life-threatening case of encephalitis four years ago. I see the information I am currently gathering at Empire State College as the building blocks that pave the way to a thrilling career in a growing segment of the mental health industry. The CDC claims that approximately 1.4 million Americans suffer TBIs annually (Injury Center, 2007) and it has been called the “signature injury” of the current wars in Iraq & Afghanistan by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. As such, it is my belief that we need to focus time and energy on developing new programs to help these patients to cope with the new limitations, overcome negativity and isolation as well as encourage rehabilitation and restoration. ... ... middle of paper ... ...for the role that they are playing in this process and hope to complete our relationship with the expected degree and foundation. Works Cited Injury Center May 30, 2007 Traumatic Brain Injury in the United States: Emergency Department Visits, Hospitalizations, and Deaths Centers for Disease Control Injury Center Cohen, D. 2012 Freud On Coke London: Cutting Edge Press Esc.edu Human Development Guidelines For Students Matriculating After Oct 1, 2009 Esc.edu Psychology Concentration for Students Matriculated Before Dec 2013 National Alliance on Mental Illness Veterans Resource Center May 8, 2009 Traumatic Brain Injury Walker, L. (Director) The Crash Reel 2013[Motion Picture] United States: Impact Partners Wegenek, A. & Buskist, W. 2010 The Insider’s Guide To The Psychology Major: Everything You Need To Know About The Degree And The Profession Washington: APA

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