Raising a Child The Responsibility of Both Parents

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Should raising a child be the responsibility of both parents? Some people think the responsibility lies on both parents since it took two participants to bring the child into the world. Others don’t think both parents are needed in raising a child or that they should be held responsible and be made to contribute if they don’t want to, therefore shouldn’t be an issue. After researching both sides of the issue, I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of both parents to raise the child they brought into this world together. I say this with the understanding that the child has not been given up for adoption, but remains with one or both of the biological parents.
Some parents believe that while they had a partner who equally contributed in the making of a life that was brought into the world, they should be held accountable and be responsible for the child as well. Whether or not the parents of the child are married, it is possible for both parents to remain active participants in the child’s life and still share the responsibility of raising them. When you are a single, adult person, you have one main responsibility, and that is the responsibility to care for yourself. That’s it, just you! However, when you and your partner or significant other agrees to have children, you must understand that the duty of raising healthy, responsible individuals starts with understanding the role as parents. Of course you don’t have to be a perfect parent to raise healthy, highly intelligent children. You are, however, absolutely crucial in your child’s life simply because you are your child’s parent. We only have one chance with our children, so while they are young, we must make the most of it. This is the window of opportunity to build a...

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