Rainforest In The Amazon Rainforest

During my recent holiday to Brazil, I spent a week living in an eco-lodge within the Amazon rainforest. I learnt about the species of wildlife and people that live within the jungle, and rely on it to survive. Following the holiday I have become fascinated about the destruction of it, and why this has been happening. This essay will discuss the impacts of deforestation, what is causing this increasing issue and the solutions to keep the rainforest alive.

The Amazon comprises of 2.1 million square miles, Ferro, S (2015), it houses the world largest carbon sink converting harmful emissions into clean oxygen, Natives have also began to discover new cures for many illnesses from the extensive range of different plants, Bartschi, A (2015)

Despite the benefits, deforestation remains high, Butler, R (2006) estimates that since 1978, 780 000 square km of the rainforest has been lost equating to 20% of the entire forest. If nothing is done to prevent this, the rainforest could disappear in the next 100 years or so.

The increasing rate of deforestation in the Amazon causes negative effects for the world as a whole. Bradford, A (2015), 300 billion tonnes of carbon is stored in trees around the world, with more being cut down and burnt to clear way for land, carbon is
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Dickinson, M (2015) explains how illegal logging is also causing a rise in timer prices therefore impacting badly on law abiding companies, damaging economies as a result. Corrupt IBAMA officials were caught attempting to export endangered hardwoods to foreign markets, countering the solutions that have been made by the Brazilian government, Wallace, S

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