Radio Broadcast: Congo and Violence, Particularly Women

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Good afternoon listeners, if you have just tuned in this is Global Radio Pub 109.4fm with the latest news regarding our international community. Current time is 2:30PM; current weather is 85 degrees Celsius with scattered thunderstorms. Now, yesterday we obtained an update of the current situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Jane Adams. Her charity is hosting a Concert for Congo at the Staples Center with the latest bands and is expected to have the richest and most influential people attending. If you are unaware of the situation is Congo, it compromises of an extraneous amount of rapes due to political infrastructure and military coalitions; women are marginalized daily and many lose their lives, live with fistula damage, or are simply rejected by their families. In order to understand and allow you, the listener, to participate in this radio broadcast I will be interviewing one of our most influential critical realists Mr. Thucydides. The broadcast will allow him to answer several questions while allowing your phone calls to also be answered as well as broadcasted. Now lets take a break and listen to a classical interpretation of the rhythm of Globalization the Band. Thucydides, it is an honor to be sitting before you and having the opportunity to ask you to share your opinions regarding this current international debacle. “Well thank you Mr. Hansel it is a pleasure to be on this broadcast.” Lets begin with the questions shall we…do you believe that this issue is an international relations issue?... “It appears to me that we still haven’t understood the ideals or facts behind international politics, this problem in Congo is clearly the evidence of a continuous political struggle for power and supremacy. By nature,... ... middle of paper ... ...ust first tackle corruption and help these nations fight off the extremist insurgencies. As for the topic of women, I believe we have all agreed that they are under the protection of a state and if the state fails to do this it is already failing its citizens.” I believe that all of the points made today have a critical and relativistic approach. Whether or not we will be able to halt these Human Rights violations is up to the future. Lets hope that Jane Addams can fund enough money to create the safe havens for rape victims in Congo in the upcoming concert. Tickets are now on sale through the A-Life Foundation. Please come out and support these dreadful victims of conflict in Congo. That is all for this afternoon folks, I will leave you for the day and will be back tomorrow with news regarding Ukraine. Now, for a show tune by The Peloponnesians. Good afternoon.

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