Racism is Wrong

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Racism is Wrong

I have chosen to carry out my investigation on 'racism'. The

hypothesis I have set myself is 'Racism is Wrong'.

The reason why I have chosen 'Racism' as a part of my investigation is

because I have gone through racial harassment and I feel that me being

able to do this coursework will let me speak my mind about racism and

talk about it in more detailed manner. This means that I will be able

to write down my experiences. I personally believe that racism should

be eliminated through all walks of life. Be it someone's religion,

skin colour or even what language they speak 'racism is wrong'

I will use a variety of research methods to help me. To research my

sub questions I have decided to use a mixture or research techniques,

for this sub question "what is racism?" I used the Internet. And found

it useful because it has a large amount of information that can

stretch to the other side of the world. It is also quick and easy, and

has both sides of the argument and also is up to date. But the

information has to be read carefully and certain relevant pieces have

to be selected for use.

What is racism?

Racism is defined as a principle in the superiority of one race over

all others. It occurs when people are prejudice and discriminate

others because of what colour skin they have. People who are racist

are prejudice, they use their own views to hurt the other

person/people, this is done physically or verbally, and they do this

all according to their beliefs before knowing the facts. Racism can

happen not just because of the colour of the persons skin, it can also

happen within the same minority, this type of racis...

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...ce, colour, nationality or citizenship or

your ethnic background ect… Finally the law protects you against

racial discrimination. There are still many problems concerned with

racism, but the government is reaching its targets/goals.

Coloured people are a part of our lives, although they are the

minority, they deserve to be treated just like everyone else. Younger

people don't see racism as a problem and they can look beyond

somebody's skin. But unfortunately the young children have to grow up

around people who have these racist views about black and asian

people. If racism continues to thrive then the younger generations

will take the information for granted and straight away will judge a

black or asian person upon what skin colour they have. In my opinion

racism is very wrong and immoral and shouldn't be accepted!

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