Racism: Nelson Mandela And Martin Luther King Jr.

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Racism is the belief about the people of the world belongings to the different specific races having the similar characteristic and the abilities with the differentiation as inferior or the superior for one race to another races (Google, 2014). Many of the people in the world have raised the voice for Racism but two famous personalities of the world had put their efforts for Racism in which Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King are well known. Nelson Mandela who was the South African politician had said about Racism that (times, 2014); “During his life time, he is always in the struggle to fight against white and black denomination. I fought for ideal democracy in which society is free and live together to share equally and to achieve this …show more content…

From the different continents, Mandela is ready for die while looking for the dream of a society where the people get to free about their sharing emotions and feelings without any priority of black and white. While on the different continent, King was also putting his effort for the same dream of a free society in 1968 (STRAZIUSO, 2014). During the life time of 27 years in the prison, Mandela had faced the racism in the South Africa and after the release from prison in 1990; he put struggle into the political sector to become the president. In 1993, he shared the Noble Price with the white South African President. He traveled to United Stated and gave the speech at Yankee Stadium (STRAZIUSO, 2014), “There is an interrelated chain of black African and Black Americans that affinity in between two” King Martin had never visited the South Africa while accepting the invitation for the speech at the university for the student but the Visa was rejected upon the government refusal. King also had gave the speech in New York in 1965 in which he called the white person in South Africa as the Speculators and Brutes (Gilmer, …show more content…

They both are in the struggle for the happening in the both countries. Being the fighter for the racism, they both are moral leader that had tend their personalities towards the strong principles of the life and had face many criticism. Mandela was in the prison and he observed there about the differentiation that had people faced in the society. Mandela had quoted the speech of the King Martin from “I have a Dream” in 1994 that (Gilmer, 2014), “Atlast free, Atlast free, Thanks to GOD we are free” Mandela had push forward the thoughts of King Martin that it had open the door for the 21st century in which people can enjoy the freedom with the ideal approach to live with each other and had no fear for racism. King Martin had always dream for the Sin free people and thought the racism as the Sin. Nelson Mandela had said the more of the impact had been faced by the labor in the racism while they were on the different places and among the different persons. They have always a fear in their mind while working with white or black people. Nelson had putt the efforts and speech for the favor of more in labor to make them alive in the realism by following the King Martin dream in May 29, 2000 (Huntley,

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that racism is the belief about the people of the world belonging to the different specific races having the similar characteristic and abilities with the differentiation as inferior or superior for one race to another races.
  • Compares nelson mandela, the south african politician, with martin luther king, who compared racism with the power of sin.
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