Race to the Classroom

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I think there are ummm.... 5 of them. As I said they are all good looking guys. They run so fast. But I didn't notice that there is a guy next to me which is running also. And suddenly...

"Ouch!" that are the only word I can supply. There is a guy who hit me. One of those guys who are running. UGGHH! Great just great! What a first day to start by being lame. -.-" He stop running after he hit me. He comes closer to me. To apologize.

"Oh. Sorry. I didn't meant it." he apologize sincerly we'll I can see it on his beautiful blue eyes. Oh it is so tantalizing. Oh. Wait! What am I sayin? Hahaha.

"Oh. That's alright." I smiled to him as a sign that I am not mad and as a sign that I am alright.

"Are you sure? I can take you to the clinic if your not alright."

"No need I am alright."

"Hey John, Lets go?" His friend called his attetion. Oh. So his name is John huh?

"Yeah. Let's go!" then he turn to me. "Bye! I gotta go. See you around." then he smiled at me. His smile is such a beautiful smile. Oh. I am melting with his smile. x)

John. Woah. What a great name. John. What a such a lovely eyes. What a such great smile. What a such beautiful face he have. Oh yeah. He's so attractive. Hey what am I thinking of? I turn my head at the room number. Oh. It is room 205. So I get inside, then I look around but there is someone who catch my eye. Do you know who is it? It's John. The guy whom I met earlier. Ehmeged... x') His my classmate. :')

I seat on the 2nd row in the 3rd column. While John is seating at the 3rd row in the 2nd column. I really wish he'll notice me. I really do hope so.

"Miss! Miss!" He said. Ummmm... Whom is he talking to?

"Miss! Hey!" I didn't turn to him cause I know he is not talking to me.

*Poke. Poke.*

Then I turn to see who is poking me.

"Finally." he said.

"Oh. Hey! Are you calling me?"

"Yes. And I seem you didn't care or I guess you didn't notice me."

"Oh. Sorry."

"Nah. That's alright." he said with a smile.

"Ummm... By the way I am John."

"Hi. I am Cristina."

"You've got a pretty name huh."


"Your Welcome.

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