Questionnaire About Outdoor and Winter Activities and Product Descriptions

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Activity Experience Please list the number of years you have spent participating in each of the following activities, along with any relevant certifications, experiences, accomplishments, thoughts on each particular industry, etc. List any other activities (relevant to our business) that you have experience in. You may have a lot to say about some activities—please limit yourself to 200 words per activity. If you don’t have any experience in one, just say so; we don’t expect everyone to do everything. 1. Skiing: I spent the first 15 years of my life in the mountains of Vermont, yet skiing was not my biggest passion. Both of my parents ski and I was given professional instruction as a kid, but I never loved it. I spend time outdoors in the winter, but I now choose to spend my time snowshoeing, ice fishing, and winter camping. My interest in the gear associated with skiing and snowboarding is fueled by my friends, all frequents to the mountain. I have considered getting back into skiing, especially if I’m in an environment like Utah. 2. Climbing: The only climbing experience I have is free-climbing in Michigan. The rocks I have climbed are so small it should be considered hiking, but I am looking to start climbing. 3. Trail Running: I have used outdoor activity to get myself into better shape. It has been a process, I spent many years abusing my health, but I know that a gym membership could have never got me off the couch. I’ll never understand running on a treadmill. 4. Paddling: The water will always be my first outdoor love. Growing up in Vermont I spent every weekend on Lake Champlain and all the time between on local lakes, ponds, and rivers. I own and use both a canoe and two kayaks. I prefer to fish from these, b... ... middle of paper ... ... frames. Pure Plutonite, Oakley’s patented shade, blocks out UV without compromising on style or durability. The Breadbox shades balance style, usability, and strength. The styling of these frames works for any occasion or outfit. The technology works on ant train or mountain. Bullets: • O-Matter frame material • Pure Plutonite lens • Solid metal logo • Microclear fabric bag included 6. G-STAR New Ford Straight Jeans - Women's TL: An updated classic jean for almost any occasion. Description: G-Star’s New Ford Straight Jeans are made to do anything. Except for scuba diving. This updated five pocket, straight-legged denim trouser standard would be terrible for scuba diving, but perfect for everything else. Bullets: • Classic five pocket design • Trimmed with adjuster tabs • High quality denim weave with stretch • Medium aged finish

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