Queen Ellizabeth I

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Elizabeth the First is thought of as the most influential yet simple monarchs in all of England. Being the first Queen to rule in her own right in England, she never married and reigned alone for a lengthy 45 years. A fighter from the start she was a very independent woman and never leaned on anyone for support. Elizabeth had many great accomplishments during her reign that would leave her forever in our memory as the greatest queen in English history.

Starting in early childhood, Elizabeth would face many challenges in her lifetime. She was born into royal succession in 1558 in Greenwich Palace located in Greenwich England to King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth was very well educated (fluent in six languages) and had inherited intelligence, determination and shrewdness from both parents (The Royal Household, 2008/09). After Henry VIII died, Elizabeth was not placed into full power immediately due to her mother being executed. She had two siblings, Mary and Edward, who shared the same father, but each had a different mother. Elizabeth lost all hereditary title to the throne and her early years of childhood can hardly have been happier than Mary's (Jokinen, 2014).

During Mary's ruling, many thought of her as cruel and an unthoughtful queen. Mary was placed in power in 1553. While in power, she changed a majority of England's laws and policies at the time. Mary as determined to re-establish Catholicism in England and viewed the Protestant Elizabeth as a direct threat (Harrison, 2014). She executed many Protestants, government officials as well as people on the lower income, in turn giving her the nickname "Bloody Mary". After years of Mary's ruling, Elizabeth came into power. Elizabeth's first priority...

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...r 45 year rule such as the change to a Protestant country, trade routes and economic ruling. An heir to her throne also caused an issue and until her death that one was named the next in line. Still today Elizabeth the first is widely recognized as one of the most influential and great rulers in all of England.

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