Purchase Intention In Consumer Behavior

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Purchase intention was one kind of behavioral intention, and the so-called behavioral intention, indicates our subjective judgment on what we will do in the future. Therefore, purchase intention means one’s possible action intention, which can be used to predict consumer’s purchase behavior. Blackwell et al (2005) claimed that purchase intention is part of behavioral intentions, and behavioral intentions are cognitive plan to perform a definite action or possible behavior on an object. Each concept of behavioral intention represents individual projection or the particular expected behavior to be performed. According to Kotler (2010) purchase intention can define as consumer behavior occurs when consumer stimulated by external factors and come to purchase decision based on their personal characteristics and decision making process.

Figure 2.1: AIDA model (Kotler, 2007)

This AIDA model can serve as a purchase intention tools because it to some extent has in common with advertising strategies. In addition, this AIDA model also can lead consumers’ from not aware of the product to aware about the product (Ghirvu, 2013). The AIDA model also known as purchase funnel. As we know AIDA model were usually use in advertising but I think it also suits for purchase intention stage. Purchase intention was closely related to AIDA model in order to solve encountered problems in consumers’ daily life. It also an important elements that contributes to a good purchase intention. As stated by Kotler (2007) AIDA model consist of Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. The “A” were represents attention or awareness, and the ability to attract the attention of the consumers. In this stage, consumer and products were related each other. In thi...

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...w. This is because consumers’ were not aware about these brand products due to the lack of promotion and advertising to grab the attention of consumers’ about their brand. In addition, the locations of the KR1M shops also were far from the consumers’ residents. So consumers’ were preferred nearest shops rather than wasting their time to search KR1M shop. This is because, in consumers’ mind the KR1M products have a medium of quality that not really bothers them as much as the well-known brand that have a high quality. For the manufacturer brand products, the purchase intention was high. This is because the manufacturer brand products were well known and it has their own brand image in consumers’ mind. Other than that, consumers’ also have more knowledge about these products due to aggressive promotion by the manufacturers through mass media and also printed media.
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