Public Servants Control the Government of Canada

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The debate whether politicians or public servants control government is a debate that has endured for years and continues to do so. Although, politicians are elected by citizens to make beneficial decisions on behalf of the public, by analyzing the power dynamics in the government, we can see that it is in fact, public servants who ultimately hold monopoly over the government. In Canada’s parliamentary system, it is seen as vital for politicians and public servants to have a closely working relationship, in order to make decisions in favour of the public. Politicians and public servants have a relationship characterised by their independent responsibilities, however they act as a unit when executing their goals for the nation and for the people, based on their separate duties (Alesina &Tabellini, 2007). However, the role of politicians and public servants is a grey area due to the fact that most times public servants are very much involved in some of the work politicians accomplish. This paper will argue that public servants have a higher level of control over the government rather than politicians due to their specialized and expert skills, their politicized sector, as well as their accrued independence.

In order to explain the lack of control politicians have over government, it is essential to examine the range of responsibilities politicians carry out as an elected official. In a Democratic government, the fundamental role of politicians is to create and suggest laws that reflect the needs of the public. Since politicians are the face of government they are responsible for representing and responding to constituents. Politicians generally know how to incorporate the interests of large parts of society that h...

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