Public Relations Project: Art Education

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II. CAMPAIGN THEME OR FOCUS A. Statement and description of the issue to be addressed The Oxford English Dictionary defines art as the “expression of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”. Since the beginning of time, art has been performed as a hobby, solely for pleasure. The satisfaction of performing this pastime can be achieved through expressing thoughts or feelings, providing visual experiences and creating illusions or magic. Over time, art has developed into more than just a recreational activity and has evolved to serve a broader purpose. Professionals say that, “art education enables students to make creative connections with art and the world around them” (Campbell 2). Today, art has been implemented into classrooms all over the country as a requirement for students to reach graduation. It is believed that art “teaches problem-solving skills” and allows students to develop “self-expression and self-control” (Campbell 2); however, in our community specifically, the importance of art education is at a decline. Campaign Goals: • Raise awareness in the community about the benefits of art education • Educate specific targets on the importance of art in schools • Gather information regarding how students feel about art in school • Partner with community facilities to discuss possible campaign approaches • Use brochures and flyers to further our campaign The overall goal of our campaign is to stress the importance of art in the school environment. B. Rationale for selecting the issue Florence High School is home to roughly eight hundred students. Almost every student at FHS is willingly involved in some type of stud... ... middle of paper ... ...the possible sources that were available to us, we decided to use only the ones that would allow us to further our campaign. Our goal to inform the public about our issue would be best achieved through the use of these specific resources. Keeping our target audiences in mind, we pursued these sources with high hopes that we would grasp their attention. Media Mix Print Media School Media • Bulletin Boards Community Media • Rankin County News • Clarion Ledger Broadcast Media School Media • Morning Announcements Community Media • WLBT News Station Internet Media • Twitter • Florence High School Home Page • RCSD Home Page Promotional Activities Special Events • School-wide art contest • Fieldtrip Business Sponsorships • Hudspeth Regional Center provides support and opportunity for us to further our campaign. Flyers and Banners • Banners were hung throughout the school

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