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Everyone has experienced feelings of sadness, and unhappiness in their lives however when these feelings of sadness, guilt, and disappointment don't seem to go away and intervene with a persons daily life then it becomes a problem. Depression is a common and serious medical condition that affects people from all walks of live regardless of gender, age, or ethnic background. It affects the persons thoughts, feelings and body, however some forms of depression are more severe than others. The person affected by depression tends to have these feelings that could last weeks, months and even years, the person tends to lose hope and the will to live. Depression affects men, woman, and children. However woman are more prone to depression by 70% more than men. New mothers and fathers also tend to experience a period of depression after the arrival of their newborn. People of all walks of life can experience an episode of depression, regardless if you have money or not. Those individuals that work in more stressful situations than others however are more at risk of experiencing one of these episodes in their lives. Low income individuals have a higher risk as well, due to money problems, family problems, they tend to feel secluded from everyone else. Children are equally vulnerable to getting an episode of depression boys and girls. However ones a girl has reached puberty they are at greater risk more than teen boys. Children are at risk of getting depression if they feel neglected, if they live in a stressful environment, and or if they have been abused. According to the NIH, the average age for a person to experience an episode of depression is around the age of 32, and 3.3% of teens ages 13-18 year olds have already experienced an e... ... middle of paper ... ... too much Melatonin, which helps us sleep and regulate our sleeping cycle too much can disturb that chemical balance. Each subcategory varies in symptoms, depression in general has many different symptoms but theres twelve signs of depression that individual may experience for longer than 2 weeks. A person with depression may have trouble sleeping, may feel without energy, change in their eating habits, may experience frequent headaches or stomachaches. These are all changes in our body that can be affected by depression, as well individuals that are struggling with depression may have anger problems, they tend to have lost interest in things they previously enjoyed doing now they may feel bored, they may constantly feel angry, sad, or worthless. Works Cited "Depression." NIMH RSS. Nov.-Dec. 2013 .
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