Pros And Cons Of Pitbulls

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The of Euthanizing Pit Bulls Americans have been debating the morality of euthanizing animals for decades, including an impassioned argument about the quickness to kill the Pit Bull breed. Advocates that support euthanization of pit bulls use their aggression and danger to justify the killings. The perception of danger is not based in reality, but rather comes from media exposure. Most pit bulls do not exhibit aggressive behavior and those that do are trained to do so by irresponsible owners. Euthanization is disproportionately higher for pit bulls, and similar breeds, despite a lack of evidence that they are more aggressive than other dogs. Euthanization of pit bulls is not justified because pit bulls are not naturally aggressive, have an inaccurate reputation from media coverage, and do not present any greater danger than other dog breeds that are euthanized at lower rates. Pit Bulls are not born with an aggressive nature as they are born like any other breed, and like any other dog, a Pit Bull will be loving, smart, and loyal, unless it is trained otherwise. The aggressive nature of a dog comes from the dog’s training. If a dog is trained to be loving and loyal, it will have a good temperament, however; if a…show more content…
The current popular television show “Pit Bulls and Parolees” is combating the negative image of Pit Bulls, that the media has portrayed for so long. The show is a positive example of how Pit Bulls can be rehabilitated, while at the same time helping parolees to adjust back into society, giving both the dog and the parolee a new purpose in life. The majority of these dogs have been rescued from owners who have abandoned the dog, and left them to die. Both the Pit Bull and parolee have been through simular situations, escaping death or the dealth penalty, and offered a second chance at life
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