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Property crime is a branch of criminal law that deals with damaging, destroying, and stealing of an individual’s tangible and intangible property. In specific, property crime mainly deals with fraud, arson, breaking and entering, possession of stolen goods, and various other types of theft. This particular case deals with fraud, which is defined as the deception or misguidance of an individual for criminal gain. The majority of fraud deals with credit scams or major stock market cons. For example, fraud is committed if an individual changes the monetary value of a cheque in order to obtain more cash without your knowledge. Prior to sentencing an individual on account of fraud, it is the sole duty of the prosecutor to prove the defendant understood his actions would inflict financial loss to others. After the prosecutor is able to prove the defendant’s intentions, the individual would be sentenced according to the guidelines listed below.

This particular case entails an Aurora couple that gleaned fees from penny stock investors through the use of the American Heritage Stock Transfer Inc. (Ontario). During May of 2009, Mr. Curry sent letters to potential investors advertising “unpaid dividend” and offered a chance to buy Nanotech stocks below market value; through the use of the America Heritage Stock Transfer. Furthermore, Curry traded stocks without being registered, prohibited representation, and illegally distributed securities. Although all major investors didn’t purchase fraudulent stocks, its is assumed that a large majority of unknowable families took the bait to buy these stocks. Currently, this penny stock scam has gathered an enormous $140 million dollars from investors. On the other hand, after an investigation by Ont...

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...rsonal criminal gains through property loss. An example of fraud is writing a cheque that contains a value of money that you knowingly understand is not in your bank account. The second key word is theft, which is the stealing of tangible or intangible property from others without consent. For instance, Mr. Curry had committed theft for stealing money from families without providing legitimate stocks in return. The last key word is property crime, which refers to a category of crime that involves the taking of money and/or property without consent, but without the use of physical force. Examples of types of property crime include: arson, fraud, possession of stolen goods, breaking and entering, and various other types of theft.

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