Crime And White Collar Crimes

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Crime comes in different ways, shapes, and forms. From corruption to murder, the seriousness and blameworthiness varies from crime to crime. The most common factor of all crime is that it is illegal. The problem with prosecution is that some crimes can find loopholes around the rigidity of the laws created. This is the hardest for white collar crimes. With so many types of white collar crimes, it is hard to understand where it belongs on the scale on seriousness and blameworthiness and how to prosecute. With white collar crimes, they are most commonly seen as “victimless” or “paper” crimes, since they do not involve physical harm to the people included. With so many types available to analyze, the purpose of this paper is to focus on bribery, perjury, and fraud. When it comes to white collar crimes, or any crime for that matter, we do not only need to focus on what causes it and society’s reaction to it. We need to look into prevention of it and being able to stop it before it even starts.
In my opinion, all crime stems from corruption. It takes only a small seed of dishonesty which can grow into many different types and dimensions of crime. According to Elena Flouristeanu, “A broad definition of corruption is the abuse of power with the purpose of satisfying personal or interest groups,” (Floristeanu, 2010). With this definition, it is easy to see how it can lead to bribery, perjury, and fraud. Studies done by the Transparency International Barometer, which surveys ordinary people and their take on corruption, show that the institution most affected by corruption would be political parties. The next most affected would be any person or group involved in any sort of legislative or judicial system in the world. Corruption can diff...

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...attack on social institutions,". The best way to stop white-collar crime is to prevent it from happening. By educating society on the consequences and reprimands that can happen from even small white-collar crime, can help each person understand that white-collar crime is not worth the problems that they create. Future studies should focus on young liberals who vote in a way towards white-collar crime being less wrong because this could threaten society into having a more liberal attitude and future generations. If young liberals keep this attitude into their mature ages then that means that our generations are changing into a more liberal society which means that it will become more and more liberal as generations go by. This could cause problems because if more and more people see it as not at all wrong, then there may be more people committing white-collar crime.
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