Propaganda, War, Famine and Death in Orwell's Animal Farm

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It all started when neglected barn animals rebelled against their master, Farmer Jones. Under their own rule, they create an animal society were every thing they do is for their own benefit, but everything is not what it seems on the utopia of animal farm. George Orwell wrote a compelling novel about the Russian Revolution through the personification of animals. The book has helped young people understand what Russia had to go through in its early years of freedom from monarchy. This novel is the very best Animal Farm. I believe that English teachers should continue this book as part of the ninth grade curriculum because its does its very best in showing propaganda, involving a deeper level of thinking and giving somewhat an idea of the Russian revolution such as war, famine and death.

This novel does an amazing job at showing propaganda. Propaganda plays a key role in the Animal Farm from beginning to the end. Every animal that lives on Animal Farm is indeed a victim of propaganda. First example of propaganda in Animal Farm is in Old Majors speech to the animals. In his speech he unites the animals against a common enemy, humanity. .He also preaches that their live will be better and easier if they follow his suggestions and over throw the humans. Old major directly states nearly the whole product of our labor is stolen from us by human beings. “There comrades is the answer to all our problems”. (Orwell 28). Propaganda is also used when the pigs claim the apples and milk for themselves. Squealer uses his gift of speech to persuade the other animals to accept that the pigs will keep all the apple and milk not to be selfish, because many pig dislike milk and apples but actually need them to preserve security for all animals on...

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...killing animals that he thought were against him and with humanity such as the four pigs who complain about Napoleon's takeover of the farm but are quickly silenced and later executed. War was basically the Russian Revolution, it happened in Animal Farm in the Battle of the Cowshed, and the Battle of the Windmill against the humans.

In conclusion all the ninth grade English teachers in Public Schools should give the students the opportunity to read this book. This book has helped young students understand what the Russian Revolution had to bring about. Animal Farm had a fantastic way of getting the students to use their brain and read between the lines to understand the unrevealed truth that was written in the text. It also used propaganda that which is usually used everyday and everywhere in the world somehow and help students understand the novel much better.
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