Project Management

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Project Management

Project Management is quickly becoming a field of study and importance in the business world. A search on the Internet of the title “Project Management” yields hundreds or results including forums, training manuals and job openings for related positions. Project Management is a broad term referencing the necessary steps taken by management to ensure a product is feasible before and during implementation. According to Project Management Learning Objectives, the steps to achieve success in this area include: testing and measuring products, evaluating and managing the product cycle, comparing costs and benefits, measuring product worth, economic analysis, product analysis, teambuilding and leadership, and budgeting and cost control (Project Management Outline). Project Managers oversee many different areas of the business and are responsible for project success.

Importance of Project Management

Since the concept of Project Management is broad, many different aspects of a business rely on successful Project Management. “Projects” can include product line development, attaining company goals, boosting employee morale, and product costing, to name a few. This area of business is important because it determines every minute detail required to get the product produced and to the consumer. There are several steps required to assure project success. These steps are briefly outlined in the following paragraphs.

Step 1: Determine project goals. It is important to define what the project is, as well as what the expected inputs and outputs are. According to Project Management Tutorial Online, in order for project goals to be accomplished, this must be a team oriented decision. “Give everyone the opp...

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...p together to create a quality product. However, if implemented incorrectly, project management can upset employees, break team bonds and result in a poor product, if any. Project Management can be used in all different businesses, it is a way to bring together employees to work towards the same goal. It has been proven that if employees are involved in the project decision making they feel confident and excited about the project results. Thus, they are more willing to dedicate quality time and effort into the process. The size of the project is not an issue, the concepts in project management should be used every time there is a task that needs to be completed by the help of a few employees. Through the research or project management it can be learned that you can have a bad project, but with the proper implementation, that bad project can come out a success.