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• Star Office was created by a German company in 1984, in August 1999 Star Division was bought out by Sun. Star Office standards works well with many Linux distributions and it is free. Star Office is formally shareware and because of this it required a registration number, Sun provides a generic license, this product is very similar to the earlier version of Microsoft Office, it provides a Star Desktop that is similar to Windows 95 screen and the start button. Star Office doesn’t have the same examples and wizards as Microsoft products. Star Office is very important it has a productivity suite for Linux OS/2 and you can open and save Microsoft Office spreadsheets and documents. You can run both Star Office Suites and Microsoft Office Suites on the same computer; the Star Office Suites has 145 different formats in its dialog box. Some of the features that Star Office Suites provide are Star Office Writer, Star Office Calc, Star Office Impress, Star Office Base, Star Office Draw these are just some of the features provided. The Star Office writer is a word processing that can import and export documents the same as Microsoft Word, Star Office Calc is a spreadsheet that can import and export Excel spreadsheets, the Star Office Impress is a very helpful application that has a wide variety of templates for your presentations, and to help with any animation format, the Star Office Base is compatible to Microsoft Access and is a database application that has wizards to guide you through creating forms, reports, and tables works well with other database applications, and the Star Office Draw this application is used in making web pages and is HTML compatible. The advantages and disadvantages of Star Office products over Microsoft Of... ... middle of paper ... ...base and a e-mail program it supply speed and stability, Applix word has a beautiful display it also can be customized to fit your every need, menus can be removed or added with ease, it installs quickly, it is flexible, it can handle text boxes, images, drawn graphics, and basic text-formatting without a problem. Applix word uses filters, has a look that is not cluttered and it runs in its own window. K Spread is a spreadsheet and calculation tool that is used to help create and calculate business, income, working hours etc. It allows you to create mind-maps, flowcharts, these tools are easy to use with other K Spread applications, it chooses your templates carefully, the benefit of this is that you can track your credit card invoices, and it remembers formulas with the help of a formulas list that do the thinking for you, also open and saves your application fast.
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