Process Of Aging Research Paper

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The cultural age group is between twenty through sixty and made up of nurses with the majority of the group being females with a mix of ethnic heritage. The belief is that aging is a natural part of life and to allow the natural process. Although, most have the idea to slow the aging process by taking care of oneself. As one ages, it is believed if you have a positive mindset then positive things will come one’s way providing graceful aging. An additional belief is that a negative mindset that can bring on stress and illness. The changing body through the aging process can cause a great amount of stress for some because they can no longer do the things they use to. Ultimately, change is a constant in every part of life while some perceive change positively others perceive change in a negative …show more content…

Some transition easily through the process of change while others have a difficult time with changing. While others age, they have become ill with a new onset of illness or have complications from chronic illness. Through the support of coworkers, friends, family they found it helps them with the process of change which is made easier. With the majority of the group being women, family is a top priority. When the balance between work and family become unbalanced this can lead to a great deal of stress. Many have a hard time dealing with stress related to their jobs and this in turn has lead people to turn to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use. Additionally, stress can lead to depression and other mental health issues. Bipolar disorder is present within this group and the diagnosis is felt to have a negative stigma attached to it. This stigma can lead to people not seeking treatment or under treating their mental health issues. Therefore, they keep the disease to themselves for fear of being

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