Problem Of Poverty In America

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Poverty is a serious problem in society today. Many people are living in poverty, unable to meet basic needs and working more than forty hour weeks. It’s difficult to distribute aid when there aren’t the resources for everyone living in poverty. Many single women raising children are in poverty, along with homeless veterans, and anyone who is disadvantaged because of their race, gender, religion, etc. A poverty line was actually created in 1955 to determine who was in poverty. It was based upon the fact of people spending 1/3 of post-tax income on food. Obviously food is an important necessity to everyone, but there is also proper housing, education, healthcare, and clothing that will most likely dissolve the rest of the 2/3 of post- tax …show more content…

They may work in low paying jobs that often lays off their workers who then can’t find other work and look to the government for assistance. Those living in poverty may work factory jobs that are so insecure that one week they will have forty hours plus overtime, and the next they won’t work for three weeks straight. Then they are looking to get on unemployment for three weeks because they have a car payment, mortgage payment, insurance and a huge medical bill to pay for. The job insecurity in certain businesses can be caused by economic instability. The worker of the company doesn’t know if they will be receiving work for the week or not. It is stressful and frustrating to those in poverty working for these types of companies that offer little stability for their …show more content…

Although they may only have limited skills, it means that they should at least be able to work enough and be paid benefits on minimum wage to make it over the poverty line. A lot of poverty has to do with the government, economic and social requirements of how people are placed into each social class. The government controls what the minimum wage will be and therefore those working those jobs aren’t even able to make it over the poverty line if they are single working families. Certain strategies could be for social workers to help change the stereotype of those who fall into poverty and help them receive helpful resources. People can advocate for the poor and for the government and laws to raise the minimum wage to help families that are single parents, have limited skills at least make enough to be above the poverty line and receive proper benefits for healthcare, and other

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  • Explains that poverty is a serious problem in society today. it's difficult to distribute aid when there aren't resources for everyone living in poverty.
  • Opines that people fall into poverty due to the way they grew up; they may not have the resources to finish education because they had to work for the family to help pay for basic needs.
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