Principle Of Operation Of A Piezoelectric Accelerometer

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1. Introduction Analyzing the vibration is one the most important technique that helps to evaluate the condition of the equipment and the causes of the vibration. The vibration in the equipment is just the movement or oscillation of the machines and components such as motor, bearing, shaft and gears (Reliable plant, n.d). By analyzing the vibration, it helps maintenance team to determine the causes of that vibration and has the right suggestions to repair the equipment. Moreover, vibration analyses equipment gives more visible condition to repair the damages before the major breakdown happen. Using the vibration devices will save the cost of breakdown in times of maintenance requirement and operation impact. Ignoring the vibration will led to a disaster especially for those industries which run the operation with very critical equipment such as turbines, pumps,…show more content…
The Principle of Operation of a Piezoelectric Accelerometer Piezoelectric accelerometer is a device or system that uses mechanical vibrations to measure acceleration on a surface. It is converting mechanical energy and motion into electrical signal proportional to the applied acceleration (Cory Janssen, n.d). Figure 1 Piezoelectric accelerometer One side of the piezoelectric material is connected with an inflexible column at the sensor base. A supposed seismic mass is appended to the next side. At the point when the accelerometer is subjected to vibration a power is produced which follows up on the piezoelectric component. This power is equivalent to the result of the speeding up and the seismic mass. Because of the piezoelectric impact a charge yield corresponding to the connected power is created. Since the seismic mass is steady the charge yield sign is corresponding to the increasing speed of the mass. More than a wide frequency range both sensor base and seismic mass have the same speeding up extent consequently the sensor measures the increasing speed of the test item (PC,
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