Principal Miller Case Study

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Leaders in the school have hard decisions to help make on a daily basis. They need to evaluate their decisions to make sure they are ethical and effective. Administrators need to listen to all sides of a situation and evaluate all options before they make a decision. This process is difficult because administrators need to make sure that all parties involved are satisfied with the decision that was formed. The Requested Change case study In the case study with Principal Miller, he had to make a decision to change the instruction program or to keep it. There was a group of parents that wanted students grouped by their ability. The other group of parents wanted the instruction to stay the same. Principal Miller was new to the school and had very little knowledge of the school. This leaves some critical issues that Principal Miller has to think about while he made his choice. He needed to make sure that the children were getting the best education that he can provide as the leader in the school. He also needs to think about the other educators in the building and how they would feel about the grouping. If Mr. Miller changes any instruction it needs to be understood by all of the teachers and staff in the building. Mr. Miller should consider all of the parents, keep an open dialogue with them, and report data for and against the change and finally make the decision. Reflection of Case Study This decision can very difficult because unhappy parents can be very difficult to deal with. Also, being new and changing something like instruction can cause friction with the staff. According to Green (2013) the most effective decision- making approach would be the administrative model. Yes, the administrati... ... middle of paper ... ...usion Students need to be able to come to school, feel welcome, and receive the best education that their teacher can provide. To be able to do this the principal needs to make the decisions that supports his/her school. Principals need to be role models and responsible decision makers. Policies and procedures need to be updated regularly and should be reviewed by multiple parties. Works Cited Florence School District 1 Board of Trustees (2013) Grades K-6: Pupil discipline code. Retrieved from Green, R. L. (2013). Standards informing school leadership. In Practicing The Art Of Leadership (pp. 165-196). Boston, MA: Pearson. Pearson. (2013). Decision-Making Strategies? [Slides 3-18]. Retrieved from
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