Pride and Prejudice

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife... There was a tendency to marry for money in early 19th century England. It was very unusual for people to begin relationship for love in the Victorian Era. There was so much etiquette involved. The most popular places to meet suitable partners were balls and church socials. Even if a gentleman had formerly been introduced to a lady at a ball, this did not entitle him to speak to her at any other time or place. This would be highly improper. If there were a woman he wished to grow acquainted with, he would make inquiries and find a mutual friend who would then introduce them. Austen lived in a time when marriage was the only way out for some women, or they would be forced to become a governess and lose their independence. A person wanted a partner based on the dowry receivable and their allowance. This process went both ways: a beautiful woman might be able to get a rich husband, or a handsome man could flatter a rich young girl. In early19th century England women were frowned upon, and the only thing they were good for was marriage and domesticity. Marriage was very different when compared to today when it is very rare for two people to get married without a loving relationship, although back then divorce was never thought of either, where as today it is not rare at all. In these marriages, money was the only consideration. Love was left out, with the thought that it would develop as the years went by. In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen comments that marriage in her time is a financial contract, where love is strictly a matter of chance. This is clearly evident from the very first line of the novel. ... ... middle of paper ... ...e two characters prevailed, and confusing emotions arose. There were other relationships scattered through the story, but none were as grand as Elizabeth's and Mr Darcy's. Some of these relationships bonded the two main characters together while others almost tore it apart. I think Jane Austen also wanted to show us that in the 19th century it was easier to marry into a marriage with no love then it was to enter marriage with love. I think all the relationships in this book are meant to show us something different about how marriage was in the 19th century and so building up a picture for the reader. I think some of the relationships are quite humorous, but also while being humorous give us a very serious incite to what marriage was like. These relationships all either follow the original opening line while some of them try very hard to overcome this fact.

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