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Durable Power of Attorney: Stress Reliever I would like for you to take a few seconds and think hypothetically. You and a group of friends decide to set aside a day to have a girls night out. During this day, everyone decides to take a stroll through the park, go shopping, and out to eat that night. The weather is warm, but there is a light breeze that keeps lightly brushing your face at the right moments. As the day progressed, it was perfect. There was shopping, laughter, pampering, and socializing. However, while at dinner, you notice a car that is swerving in the parking lot, but you disregard your sixth sense. As everyone walked towards the parking garage, you saw the car once again, but it is heading in your friend’s direction at full …show more content…

A power of attorney may be a family member, doctor, nurse, or a legal representative. If you are considering a legal representative, there will be a cost for the representation. This power of attorney will listen to all of the demands and inquiries you make. The surrogate decision-maker and power of attorney will have to make sure that your wishes and best interests are brought to the forefront when tragedy transpires. According to British Journal of Nursing (2013), best interests will have to, “consider the patient’s values, attitudes and beliefs.” With this being said, you are able to hear scenarios and state how you would like to be treated if you were in that situation. For example, you have the right to refuse radiation, surgery, and many other medical procedures if you are not comfortable with them. Evermore, your religion plays a major role in your documentation. If your religion is against blood transfusions, you can include this in your statement with your power of attorney for them to record it. While you are with your power of attorney, you should have another witness there. Acquiring another witness of the encounter helps to prove that the requests you have made were actually what you would want. When tragedy strikes and you are not able to defend yourself, your power of attorney will be there to make sure that your documentation and opinion will not be

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