Poverty and Child Runaways in Africa

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Every three seconds another child living in Africa dies. Many of these children live on the streets of Africa, forced to runaway due to the dire conditions of their previous home lives. Every day thousands of children die in each city, many of their bodies emaciated or beaten beyond belief. These children of the street go through unimaginable trials, unbearable pain, and still find enough hope and optimism to work and fight to live, and for some to raise money to support their families. To understand further the desperate living conditions of runaway children in Africa, disease and poverty must be examined, previous home life must be considered, and the conditions of life on the street must be taken into account. More than 30,000 children a day in Africa die from the disease and poverty that thrive there. The diseases in Africa can include HIV and Malaria, are widely spread, and often are incurable. Many diseases are passed on sexually, and are passed to children through the rape that is common in Africa. The poverty in Africa is the worst in the world. Starvation and deh...
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