Can Poverty Be Eradicated?

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Can poverty be eradicated?

Rong Lin
Poverty is lack of money to the point that the individual cannot afford their basic needs. There are two types of poverty, which are absolute and relative. Absolute poverty is lack of basic needs for a long period of time that puts your life in danger, which opposes with relative poverty, which covers the vital and biological needs like food, clean water, and basic housing (, 2011) .
In my opinion, I think poverty cannot be eradicated because forty percent of the world’s population is at poverty level, which means 2.8 billion people. In addition, it is difficult to eradicate poverty since there will be many corrupt officials when the governments give the funds to the poor people, those officials
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With the jobs that they can get without any education will only provide them basic living. Furthermore, poverty cannot be eradicated in some areas because of poor quality and quantity of foods, clean water and medical assistance. Moreover, with bad environment it can cause the diseases and people could be die because of these diseases since they do not have good quality of medical facilities. In general, poverty is widely spread all over the world but there are areas where due to certain factors, it is more common than in others. There are a lot of factors that can cause poverty one of these examples are, natural disasters. There are many types of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, etc. Over ninety percent of deaths rate are caused by natural disasters which take place in poor countries because in poor countries they do not have abilities to prevent the disaster and the houses are made of poor quantity materials. Compared to richer countries, poor courtiers find it more difficult to recover because they are already poor and the natural disasters may only make it worse. After the natural disasters, the environment of counties will be likely to be polluted therefore it is more susceptible to catch a disease because there is less clean…show more content…
Firstly, we can reduce the poverty by supporting education for all, as you know education is one of the strongest predictors of income potential so we can send volunteers(who has been educated) to the places where there is need for education. Secondly, people and counties should be paid fairly. Most of companies provide very low wages to the weak labours and purchasing the goods and services in weak country at low price. Thirdly, people can reclaim the sources to the poor countries such as clothes and book. The things which you may not be use again you can provide to the people who need it especially to the once who cannot cover their basic need ( . There still have many different ways to reduce the poverty, these methods may looks inconspicuous but in the long run it would helps a
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