Poverty Inequality And Unequal Distribution Of Wealth

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Surviving in America has become increasingly more difficult due to the Government’s lack of oversight which causes the income gap to increase and the middle class to disappear. Due to an extreme gap of income between the wealthiest 1% and the remaining 99% in America, the middle class is dissipating to nothing because of unequal distribution of wealth. Poverty in America is a major issue that can and should be addressed as soon as possible because unequal distribution of wealth is causing greed, controversy and hate among millions of citizens. Although an income gap can be very inherent in capitalism, the Government should do more to help combat income inequality and unequal distribution of wealth because it takes advantage of the public and completely dissolving the middle class.
An income gap is sufficiently killing the American economy and the Government should step in to help fix this issue. Poverty and the unequal distribution of wealth is a major issue that is killing our everlasting country. American citizens are extensively suffering due to the unequal distribution of wealth and is causing no impact on the top 1% of wealthy individuals. The extreme gap between the amount of income the 1% makes and the 99% of Americans make is sufficiently causing the middle class to disappear rapidly. “The fact that tens of millions of workers will still be trapped in low-wage hell while a sliver of Americans live better than the kings of old will seem like a minor detail.” (David Callahan) Hard working individuals are treated unequally in retrospect to the little amount of income they receive compared to the 1% community and the limited amount of work they need to complete to be considered the 1%. Income inequality causes big businesses...

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...dangerous level, and the government has turned a blind eye to this issue. The government should step in and do more to fix this issue because income inequality is causing controversy and discrimination between the 1% of wealthy individuals and the not so much, poorer less fortunate 99% of America 's working class citizens. With income inequality on the rise, it is slowly but surely killing our country from the inside out. It is causing the middle class to slowly dissipate into a false reality with endless hope for recovery and modification. The rich 1% is burning a metaphorical hole in their pocket with all the money they spend, with absolutely no precautions and submissions, while the poorer working class is suffering to get by with the limited funds they have. Our nation is divided into these two categories which causes greed and extreme hate between the classes.
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