Poverty Among Hispanics

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56.6 million Hispanics currently reside in the United States. Subsequently, Most obtain minimum wage and degrading occupations. On one hand, some Hispanics operate in the fields, while others are employed as maids or servants. Nevertheless, the inability of achieving a higher education and acquiring a diploma from the lack of support the United State’s education system affects the desired American lifestyle Hispanics demand to achieve. The US system, uses segregation in education and maintains low wages for immigrants in order to maintain people of color in poverty. My thesis is the following: The majority of Chicanos are constrained from economic success because the United States system keeps people of color from achieving a higher education. …show more content…

The lack of education forces immigrants to take unwanted jobs Americans do not acknowledge. Many jobs are low paying, which causes immigrants to maintain a low success. In “The Workforce is Even More Divided by Race than you think,” Derek Thompson directly states the labor market is stratified by race. Derek Thompson writes, “They make up about half of all farmworkers and laborers, 44 percent of grounds maintenance workers, and 43 percent of maids and house cleaners”(Thompson, 2013) The low paying jobs Hispanics are receiving maintains a poverty life in the US. These are the only jobs obtained by immigrants because of the lack of an education. These jobs contribute to the need of having the money to provide for their family. As a result of the United States unfair education system, most Hispanics are destined to receive these …show more content…

The low wages causes students to drop out of school to help their parents provide for the necessities to survive in America. Additionally, the need to work in low paying jobs increased tremendously as the rate of dropouts increased. Since, more students were dropping out the percentage of immigrant student were also low. All These changes the system had are carefully organized to set Hispanics to crumble. The lack of loosing opportunities for a higher education is equivalent to working in low paying jobs. Even though, their is Hispanics working in high paying jobs, these jobs were only given to them because of the need for workers. In conclusion, the United States system only accommodates themselves to refrain people of color from thriving in

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