Poverty: A Social Justice Issue

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A social justice issue that I feel strong about is poverty. Even though, my family is fairly wealthy, I still think poverty is a social justice issue that needs to be fixed. Poverty is a very important issue in every country. One thing that makes poverty important is that a large amount of the humans on earth suffer from this issue. Most people think that poverty is mostly occurring in Africa, but don’t think about poverty occurring in their own neighborhoods. Another reason why poverty is important to me is because I might have to walk outside when it is -20 degrees out for 15 minutes and think that is bad. Then it makes me think of how someone that is suffering from poverty has to live in that weather for a whole day or week. Another reason is, most people that are not suffering from poverty in the world are to self-centered on things like phones that they don’t do anything to help …show more content…

People can do the tiniest thing to make a change to this cause. A change could be donating an amount of money to a charity, or going to help in a country that suffers from this issue. One thing I can do to try and resolve poverty is to donate to a charity that is taking action to resolve this cause either locally or internationally. For example, you can donate an amount of money that will pay for a family to have a meal each night for a certain amount of days. Another thing I can do to help with poverty is helping out at local food bank. The food bank is where people go to get food if they can not afford the expensive food from grocery stores like metro. These two ways of taking action against poverty can be done locally and from the comfort of your own home. These ways of taking action against poverty may seem small, but they are going to resolve something related to poverty around the world. In conclusion, I can donate or help at a local food bank to take action against poverty either locally or

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  • Opines that poverty is an important social justice issue occurring around the world and needs to be resolved.
  • Explains that people can help resolve poverty by donating money to a charity, or helping in countries that suffer from poverty. they can also help out at local food banks.
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