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Location The Industry is mainly located in Saskatchewan, Canada. The industry is mainly located in Saskatchewan because there is good transportation for the products to get delivered from one place to another, and agriculture, for the plants to get their fertilizers. (IMAGE) Industry Profile The industry mainly mines for minerals in order to make potash. Potash contains many chemicals such as potassium chloride, potassium magnesium chloride, potassium magnesium sulphate, potassium sulphate, and potassium nitrate1. Required Resources In Saskatchewan there are a lot of farms and land. Potash is used as a fertilizer then the industry chose a location that is near a farm or has good land for their product to be essential. Beneath is a diagram of fertilizers in the world. Potash is one of them with 20 million tonnes of nutrients as of 2000. https://www.elaw.org/system/files/PotashMining.pdf Potassium is one of the raw materials in potash. After it is turned to a fertilizer plants take it in to develop healthy roots and improve their resistance to drought2. ...

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