Post Feminism In A Book 'Female Chaauvinist Pigs'

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In a book “Female Chauvinist Pigs” Ariel Levy also opposes sexual subjection of women. Females, which accept do me feminism, she calls “female chauvinist pigs”, which are representing themselves and other women as a sexual object. “Female chauvinist pigs” she describes as post-feminist, which surrounds herself with exaggerations of female attractiveness and which acts as a cartoon woman with a huge cartoon cleavage, in a small cartoon clothes, expressing their sexuality, and spinning around a pole. For Levy a typical “chauvinist pig” is Paris Hilton, in a manner which reflects the “mass fixation of contemporary culture on blondes, passion, wealth and stupidity".
The existence of post feminism as a phenomenon of the media culture is curtain; a mainstream press has revived the term in the 1980s to highlight a breakdown with the second wave of the feminism. Since then, the term “post feminism” is widely used in popular culture, particularly to describe a number of female characters, such as Bridget Jones, Spice Girls and Lara Croft. Even
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The movement toward the individual, consumer-oriented powers was the realization of a number of complex questions about the compatibility of the mass measurement of feminism. It is much more constructive to consider entrance of feminism to the media not as a necessary de-politicization, although some popular forms of feminism are undoubtedly conservative and retrogressive. Mass/consumer culture should be reconsidered as the value of the struggle for feminism and reconceptualization of political post-feminism practices, which, unlike the second wave, do not rely on separatism and collectivism, but highlight the diversity of action and the subjective position of the individual in the new

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