Positive And Negative Issues In The Music Industry

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I would really like to talk about, how the music industry has changed from the past and how is it trending now. In past 20 years the music industry has changed a lot, the music recording had launched in the form of CD and later most of it had moved to online. As the music trend has gone online since past few years there has been a considerable loss for the music creators, because of the online streaming the creators had to go through lot of other online platforms like YouTube, etc. previously the companies such as Sony, MCA, Universal, etc. has to record and develop the music album and sell them through CD, as CDs are the only possible way the sale of the music should be good and as of now the music has gone online most of the music is been…show more content…
Most of the people who are part of making a record are paid in royalties, and anytime music changes hands without money being involved, those royalties can’t be paid—which is why so much has been done in recent years to try and reduce music piracy. Some progress has been made to curb this trend by offering easy, cheap downloads through outlets like iTunes and Amazon; this has helped because consumers can now purchase and download specific songs they like, rather than buy the whole album for just one song. A more recent development has been the emergence of Internet radio and streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, who offer either ad-based or paid subscription streaming of their music libraries. However, this new solution is currently still disputed by artists and labels because the current pay structures are still far less than if a consumer buys the music outright. These issues are far from being resolved. The upshot is that in many ways the Internet has made it more difficult for artists (and their labels, when applicable) to make a decent amount of money from music sales. Many artists have resorted to playing live to subsidize their loss of income. While one day these problems may be resolved, a lot of questions still

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