Pop Culture: An Approach To The Origin Of Popular Culture

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Surname 1Student’s nameInstructor’s nameCourse numberDateProject about Pop-CultureIn order to study and understand pop culture we must first and foremost confront the difficulty posed by the term itself. This is because it is used in quite different ways and are of inquiry and theoretical definition and analytical focus. Popular culture is generally defined as signifying practices that produce meaning, has mass accessibility and appeal. Origin of popular culture can be traced to the creation of middle class generated by the industrial revolution. Popular culture was mostly associated with the poorly educated or the lower class while the official culture which was mostly associated with the well-educated and the upper class citizens. However, …show more content…

6)According to many people who are conversant with popular culture, it has two opposing arguments. One of the argument states that the elite use popular culture to control or have dominance over those below them because it dulls people minds making it easy for them to be controlled. The second arguments is just the opposite of the first argument. It states that popular culture is the vehicle or a tool for rebellion against the culture of dominate groups. Therefore dueto this arguments popular culture mostly seen as inferior culture. Hence one is left wondering who decides or determines which category it falls into. Again one is left wondering who can and
Surname 2who cannot be in any of the category this is because Storey says “to be real culture, it has to be difficult”.In popular culture there are some sub branches from it referred to as sub culture. This subgroups are created by people who feel left out or don’t fit in the society. Most of this sub groups are …show more content…

As a result they create there ideology of what and how they feel about the society. It is also believed that popular culture diverts people from what is important and considered beneficiary to the elite. This ideology conceals the reality of domination from those power (Storey 2006). The categorization of what is popular culture and what is classical culture over the years has been onesignificant issue when it comes to ideological practices.Popular culture in pre-modern societies, was integrated and inseparable from day to day life routines. Again culture became commercialized. For instance in modern society the manner in which object are manufactured and the massage the products communicate has not only affected how people view them but also they use them. Again people use this product despite of them having no clue of how they are produced. That is “the negative effects of popular culture were very clear to Walter Benjamin, who argued that mechanical reproduction of arts removes the ‘aura’ from that work. (Kidd, 2007, p. 74).the consequences of this process is that people don’t know or get to learn the traditional way of production of get to learn from those who produced cultural objects.People ability to think independently and critically have been greatly undermined by the introduction of the

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