Politics: Government And Politics

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When it comes to the government and politics, the subject of the two can mean so many things in different ways. For one, many people see the government as a bad thing in some countries, because they feel that the government only wants total control and they want to be the ones to make all the decisions, but I do feel that it is not always the case in America. Just as I am neutral to certain situations that is how some individuals feel about the government as well. There are times when the government need to intervene in order to make sure that people are being treated equal, with the necessary freedom and be the ultimate decision maker because they are an outside source, but there is also times when they should leave the choice to the people.…show more content…
They should give people equality and should be the ones making sure that it is happening and making sure we are not bind to one another. The government has to be there for the individuals who may take advantage of the concept of free and do bad things because they have the choice to. For instance, lets go back in time before the civil rights era, when people refused service to people because of what they wanted to do. When you just allow people to do what they want, they can cause harm and hatred and turn people against each other. If everyone is against one another, then how can we ultimately grow or fight together in a war against other…show more content…
The government needed to provide social welfare, in order to give people the security to provide for their family if they do not have the means to do so. They should also be able to buy the same items as other, even though they may be using government assistance to purchase. They have to make sure that people have their voices heard and that is why we should keep the democracy going, that citizens help make laws and vote on taxes, education, and health. For all these topics in America, being just a liberalist wont help because it can cause chaos and that is why I must side with conservatism when it comes to the
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