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The American government prides itself on the foundational principle of democracy which allows individual voices to be heard. Afterall, the roots of power in our nation stem from the people. The Constitution was established to ensure the balance of powers among the federal government, state legislature, and the common people. Time, however, has worked against the American people in the battle towards democracy. The idea of a governing body drawing its power directly from its constituents has been undermined by the corrupt nature of modern politics where politicians act out of self-interest. While the Constitution and later amendments had every intention of securing basic liberties, certain limitations later undermined the original intentions of the founding fathers to give power back to the people by placing the larger majority of power in the hands of the state.
Federal limitations to certain amendments, known as federal mandates, have taken power away from the masses. To secure democracy and avoid further abuses of power by the judicial courts, an amendment should be made to the Constitution prohibiting the federal government from putting down mandates that directly interfere with the power given to the states by law. Federal politicians use desultory commands as leverage to ensure that the states comply with their wishes. The federal government cannot tell the states what to do but such schemes are just unfair. An amendment abolishing federal mandates would create a stronger democracy by giving the state legislatures full control over the implementation of laws at the discretion of the voters thus placing power back in the heart of the US democracy, the people, where it belongs.
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... foreign land but, it is that very government not letting them have a celebratory drink upon their return home.
An amendment to the constitution eradicating federal mandates would make lead the country to be more democratic by once again placing the majority of the say in the hands of the people and therefore, with the state legislatures. The federal government takes away the state 's right to decide for themselves on any matter when it uses underhanded tactics to ensure a desired outcome. It would be undemocratic to allow the federal government to continue doing so because it would further oppress the nation’s citizens. While some may say that giving the states more power is a false sense of democracy since it only entails transferring power from the federal to state government the state is more likely to have the vested interest of the people and hold true to it.
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