Politicians: The Ultimate Scam Artists

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One can crawl under any rock and get an education about the inner workings of politics. Skulk around most dark alleys and you can learn how a good confidence game can suck the very lifeblood and fortunes from a "mark" or sucker. However, if one truly appreciates and marvels at watching the veritable masters of all scam artists at work, one need to search no farther than the present-day liberal-progressives and their film-flam-artist-in-chief Barrack Hussein Obama. Confidence game is so-named because the scam artist gains the ‘confidence’ of the ‘mark’, or sucker in order to build the trusting relationship needed to run a good ‘game’ and separate gullible people from their money. In the bright light of sober reality, most swindles are laughable. Reasons for people taking the bait and falling for confidence games are varied, and as complicated as our very existence. However, the first is an overwhelming human desire to believe people with winning smiles and a slick authoritative manner. The second reason people fall for any number of far-fetched schemes is an almost uncontrollable desire to get something for nothing. In the case of government, it is often too painful for most people to believe someone in high office in their government could be a part of these unspeakable acts of traitorous behavior that we have witnessed our elected leaders perpetrating on the American people. It is especially difficult for some generations of older Americans who believe a handshake and promise was a contract. Con men know how to take advantage of our foibles and use them against us. When asked questions they learn never to allow themselves to be pinned down without parsing every word of an answer in a way that gives double meaning and ... ... middle of paper ... ...s responsibility to determined winners and losers in business and in the everyday lives of the American people. • Private property is a misnomer. All property, land, wealth and income belong to the government. Therefore, they have the absolute right to limit, control, and dictate the use of, and redistribution of everything. • It is the government’s responsibility to control our lives from the womb to the tomb. History has shown the federal government does little well and nothing efficiently. Therefore, we should trust them to do nothing for us that we can do for ourselves. Two facts we should always remember; placing a bureaucrat or politician between a citizen and a task to be done is paramount to greasing a sled with molasses, and that politicians will tell any lie to get our money and our freedom. We elect these crooks and we alone can stop them.

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