Political Interest: It's Role In Political Politics

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Political Interest
To begin, politics has been defined by Meriam- Webster as the study of activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping power in a government. Meaning in simpler terms the study of government and all things related. Before, deciding to major in political science I had a different altered definition of what I thought politics was. I believed that politics was just the study of the white house and the decision they made as it related to the next president or presidential debate, but once I decided to major in political science it was essential for me to understand what politics was in today society and how far we have come better yet, more importantly the role I play
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Some to include living in a mostly white area, attending mostly white school, and being surrounded by a large amount of white people my understanding of or thoughts on several racial happenings has in my opinion made me a well-rounded the person that I am. I have throughout my high school years more importantly I’ve tried to be open to all people because in a world filled with so much hatred or political injustices seem to be directed at African American’s Its best to be educated and not just angry. Well, on another note during high school I began to understand my strengths and weakness. During high school I was extremely good at preparing myself for test and exams. You see I didn’t say actually learning the material. I would tend to learn just what I needed just to get me along to the next day, assignment, and or test, but in the long run well, more importantly in college that hasn’t helped me much. In college I have begun to hone in my studying skills and became more serious in my studies, mainly because now I’m paying for it out of pocket so just passing won’t cut it for me of my family who is paying for me to attend. I am grateful that I have learned this skill early on in my college career because I have seen firsthand how doing otherwise has hurt people and their academic…show more content…
My interest in political science are not fully developed, but after this class and with the help of some of my professor and my own drive I will one day be able to say with the upmost confidence that I am fully interested and dedicated to the study of politics. Furthermore, with some of my life experience, prior study skills, and with keeping myself informed I like many other student majoring in political science, I can and will be able to call myself a politically literate
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