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Poetry is a form of literature which can be characterized by rhythm. Poetry may be short or may be long. There is no limit to themes that a poet may use for their poem. A poem can be about animals, nature, and a common theme, love. The two poems that will be discussed in the paper have a common theme of love. While one poem speaks of love for a woman, the other explains what love is in general. Theses two poems are "When You Are Old" by William Butler Yeats, and "Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds" by no other than William Shakespeare. In our first poem, "When You Are Old," Yeats uses his aesthetic language to rhyme about the love of a woman whom he addresses. He begins his poem by telling her that when she is "old and grey and full of sleep" and sitting by a fireplace, reading a book, she'll dream of the "soft look her eyes once had" as a younger woman. (Yeats 600) He continues by expressing how many men had loved her in her "moments of glad grace" which a youthful woman may possess. (Yeats 600) There were men who looked beyond her beauty and expressed true love and there were those who did not look at her inner beauty but the outer beauty with "love false." (Yeats 600) But there is one man, William Butler Yeats, who loved the questing, "pilgrim soul in [her]," and embraced and "loved the sorrows of [her] changing face "as she loses her youthful beauty. (600) As Yeats concludes his poem and the woman is by the "glowing bars," the fire place, she "murmurs, a little sadly," how love has escaped her and "hid his face amid a crowd of stars," which are always beautiful to look at. (600) Men's love for her will fade parallel to her beauty. As mentioned before, this poem was written for a woman he loved. She was beautifu... ... middle of paper ... ... love. Though it is interesting how both love poems use this star for symbolism. Symbolism is also presented in the love poems. The reader can imagine an old and grey woman sitting by a fire, nodding while she's reading a book or a crowd of stars. In the sonnet, there's not as much imagery, but one can visualize "rosy lips and cheeks." (Shakespeare 616) Reading both poems gives me a better idea of what love is, but many will never understand what love really is. Love is a timeless and universal theme that is used for poems and is different for each individual person. Though, as one reads different love poems, a comparison, besides the obvious theme of love, can be found amongst them, like the two poems discussed. I found that love poems are easier to interpret, but the theme is difficult to understand. Roberts, V. Edgar, "Literature", Third Ed. New Jersey 2005

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how shakespeare uses metaphors in his sonnet, "let me not to the marriage of true minds," to describe love.
  • Compares shakespeare's "when you are old" and yeats' poems in terms of their theme, which is love.
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