Plato And Aristotle 's Views On Metaphysics

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Metaphysics is the study of what is actually real about the makeup of the physical existence of the world. When researching this topic it showed that their were two philosophers, Plato and Aristotle who were passionate about this topic, but had two separate views. Plato thought that metaphysics was about the different Forms and the unchanging ideas that rest beneath the changing physical world, coming to the conclusion of dualism. Contrasty, Aristotle thought that metaphysics was about the physical substance of matter, form, and the universal imbedded in the item, which brought him to the conclusion of monism and the four causes.
When thinking critically and analyzing each of the philosophers we must consider both a strength and a weakness about each of the differing ideas of metaphysics. First let us consider Plato, Plato believes in the Forms of things and how we always know them, but we know them from a previous life, which is a type of innatism, which is inborn. Such that, dualism is the material body and the immaterial soul, and that the soul is trapped in the body waiting to ...
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