Planet X: NASA Solar System

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Jeremiah Walker Hypothetical 'Planet X' - In Depth | Planets - NASA Solar System ... Mr.cummins Science Planet X On a website they say that Planet X can tilt the sun. I don’t know how it can tilt the sun but i will figure it out. Other websites say that Planet X might be the cause for the end of the world. I don’t know how that can happen but it can. Planet X is big it is not as big as Neptune. Planet X is billion miles away for the earth but that does not mean that it cannot destory Planet X IS BILLION MILES AWAY FOR THE EARTH BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT CANNOT DESTROY THE EARTH. NASA are the people that found Planet X. Some people wonder if Planet X has life on it , but scientist proves that it does not . Planet X Is so far away farther than neptune so …show more content…

No one know because it is in the middle of space. Why is Planet X red. I don't know it is just like that but some people think it is blue it might be How does Planet X has 3 suns. So planet x does not orbit all its suns. Two of the sun orbit them self. Som that means that we have two more suns in our solar system. That's why there is no life on planet x because it would be way too hot i might have said earlier. So that might be why we just found planet x it might have always been in our solar system it has just been taking so long for it to orbit our solar system. How long does it take for Planet X to orbit our solar system. No one knows how long yet but I have an hypothesis . billions of years cause since Planet X has three sun it has to orbit every one of them. But a video show that it only orbits one of the suns. How long does it take to go to Planet X It takes 9.5. Years to reach Pluto so it would take like one more year or a couple of years. So it also takes 9.5 years to reach Neptune since Pluto is so close to Neptune. Dose Planet X have a such thing night. No there is no night on Planet X because it orbits three suns so that means it is always

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